Circle Valley Anglers

Kolob is located just northwest of Zion National park and is the closest cold water fishery to the park. Kolob is another Blue Ribbon Designated fishery and is just over 200 surface acres and sits at 8100' in elevation. This reservoir is home to large cutthroat and rainbows special regulations apply to Kolob daily limit is 2 fish under 15" or 2 fish over 15" all others must be returned immediately. Early spring anglers do well from shore and as the temperatures rise and fish move to deeper water a small boat or float tube is advisable.

Kolob Reservoir

​Yankee Meadow is another of our favorite reservoirs, is a small 53 surface acre reservoir and sits at just over 8600' in elevation in a attractive alpine setting. Yankee is home to brook,cutthroat and rainbow trout. Fall just prior to the brook trout spawn is our favorite time to fish this little jewel. Primitive camping is also allowed in the small campground.

​Yankee Meadow Reservoir

Probably the best know of Southern Utah's reservoirs and lakes Panguitch is as its Paiute name implies, home of large fish. Trophy size rainbows, cutthroat and tigers populate this lake. Panguitch is also a Blue Ribbon Designated fishery and special regulations do apply. Panguitch is just over 1200 surface acres and sits at just over 8200' elevation. Beach areas provide access to wading fishers but float tubes or small boats are a definite asset.

Panguitch Lake

Minersville Reservoir is managed as a trophy fishery, and also a Blue Ribbon Designated fishery. Minersville sits at about 5500' elevation and is just over 900 surface acres. This reservoir produces large rainbows and is a artificial fly and lure only fishery, a slot limit of 1 fish over 22" any fish under must be immediately returned. Fishing from shore can be productive after ice-off and through the spring. After temperatures warm during summer a float tube or small boat will help.

Minersville Reservoir.

Manning Meadow Reservoir is one of our favorite reservoirs to fish, is located  on Monroe Mountain at about 9,400' elevation in a beautiful alpine setting. Wildlife is abundant on the mountain and beautiful scenery is around every corner. Aside from the beauty Manning Meadows is home to the Utah DWR Bonneville cutthroat brood stock. Large cutthroats populate this 55 acre reservoir, for us dry fly fishing to them through the summer is the name of the game. Streamers can be effective here as well, try an olive bugger. Manning Meadows is an artificial fly and lure only fishery with a slot limit of 1 fish over 22" anyting smaller must be returned immediately. Manning opens for the season on the second Saturday in July and remains open through December 31. 

Manning Meadow  Reservoir

Within a short fifteen minute drive from our shop you can be at either Piute or Otter Creek Reservoirs, both just over 2400 surface acres and both are set in the high desert valley's of Southern Utah. Otter Creek is the most well know of the two, producing large rainbows and recently swipers. A population of small mouth bass also resides here as well. Piute Reservoir has under gone massive changes in the past few years. The Utah DWR have treated the reservoir several times recently to remove invasive species and an over grown chub population. Piute was stocked this past fall (2014) with over 100,000 rainbows averaging between 10" and 12" so  we look for it to be an outstanding fishery soon. Fishing can be excellent from shore just after ice-off and through the spring. As temperatures warm through the summer float tubes and boats can add to your success.

​Otter Creek and Piute Reservoirs

There are Hundreds of high mountain reservoirs and lakes within an easy drive of anywhere in Southern Utah. Some are Blue Ribbon Designated fisheries and others are not as well known but just as productive. Some of our reservoirs and lakes are located in pristine alpine setting while others are located in the high and low deserts of southern Utah.

Fly Fishing Lakes and Reservoirs in Utah