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Meet Our Guides

Emmett Doane

[Emmett Doane Fishing Guide/Owner] I was introduced to fly fishing at the age of thirteen by Earl Huffman. I traded lawn mowing for lessons in fly tying and fly fishing on his farm pond. For several years we spent winter evenings at his basement fly tying bench and summers fishing his farm pond. After mowing the lawn around the farm house Earl would row me around the farm pond giving casting lessons as he rowed. The first fly I became proficient at tying was a Black Girdle and I can still remember those plate size blue gill exploding on those flies, at that time nothing could compare to that feeling of a fish taking a fly that I made. I use to ask Earl on every trip aren’t you going to fish and he would always reply “I am having just as much fun watching you”. I didn’t understand that until I began guiding. I can only assume that the feeling I get when someone I guide lands a fish or learns a new technique is the same feeling Mr. Huffman had while teaching me.

Fly fishing for me has been a life time of learning and enjoyment, the ability to pass it on to someone else very rewarding. My goal in guiding is that you get that same feeling I use to get from those blue gill so many years ago.

Kevin Empey

[Kevin Empey fishing guide] I was twelve when I first picked up a fly rod. I was mezmerized by it. I immediately gave up fishing with a spinning rod and taught myself to fly fish. I practiced casting in the back yard for hours and fished the high alpine lakes and small creeks of the Ruby Mountains in the high desert of northeastern Nevada every chance I got. I fished only dry flies for the wild brook trout found there and honed my skills until I knew the water inside and out. I became a student of the sport. It wasn't until I moved to southern Utah for school that I realized I could still read a trout stream here as well as any of my home waters. If possible, I became even more addicted to fly fishing. I quickly found favorite streams in southern Utah that I readily skipped class for (namely the Sevier River). Three years ago, Emmett, owner of Circle Valley Anglers, was generous enough (or crazy enough) to allow me to guide for his shop. I love guiding and sharing my love and excitement for the sport with others. One of my all time favorite things about being a guide is witnessing all the little things come together and a client land a fish.

Fishing dry flies on small creeks is still one of my favorite types of fly fishing. But, I've learned many new techniques since moving to Utah in order to be successful on the numerous rivers here. My knowledge of stillwaters was almost non-existent before. I learned fast how to fish them since we have so many nice reservoirs around. I also had to learn how to nymph, which I've found to be super effective. One of my new favorite techniques for catching fish is throwing big streamers during the spring and fall. I've found this technique to be awesome during the spring and fall. The thrill of a strike never gets old and that's why I'm still fly fishing after 15 years.

Lenny Lopez

[Lenny Lopez fishing guide] Lenny Lopez has been fly fishing in Southern Utah for more than 35 years. He started fishing in Utah after he moved to Las Vegas from Santa Fe New Mexico in 1976. After a couple of years in Las Vegas he soon discovered that the nearest place to find wild trout was in Southern Utah.

After many years of fishing everywhere from Dixie National Forest to Fish Lake National Forest and the Boulder Mountains, in 1992 he started his own guide service called X-Stream Fly Fishing. After a few years Lenny started working as a free lance guide for other outfitters in the area. He is well respected as a guide and as a person, by everyone he has worked for, guided, and by others in the fly fishing industry.

Lenny has also been involved with conservation and in 2003 was given the “Conservationist of the Year” award by the Southern Nevada Chapter of Trout Unlimited for implementing the “First Cast” program into Southern Nevada. He is still a volunteer for the Nevada Department of Wildlife and helps out as a tank buddy for Trout in the Classroom in Las Vegas.

Lenny met with Emmett Doane, owner of Circle Valley Anglers earlier this year and decided to work and guide for Emmett full time.

“I’ve been guiding for Emmett since May the 1st and have been super busy. I’ve developed a close relationship working for him and I’ve had nothing but quality trips. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. Of all the years I’ve been guiding, this has been by far the busiest and so much fun! I hope to be here at CVA for a long time.”

Jace Adams

[Jace Adams fishing guide] Growing up in Southern Utah I have always been around and fished great trout waters. When I picked up my first fly rod the summer I turned 13 that’s about all I could think about and still is if you ask my wife. I fished everywhere in the area within 4 wheeler range until I turned 16, then I was all over Southern Utah mountains chasing trout on the fly. From throwing dries, nymphing, or stripping streamers I love it all. What’s great about Southern Utah streams, rivers and still water’s is there are fish to be caught in any season and when I’m not with my family that’s where you can find me.

Circle Valley Anglers Guides

We are very proud of our guide staff; our guides are constantly on the water whether guiding or fishing and learning. They are relentlessly looking for new and different areas to fish and continually working on perfecting their craft. Nobody knows the area streams better than our guides and no guide works harder for a client than our guides; you have my word on it.