​Panguitch Creek

Antimony Creek

Panguitch Creek is a tailwater stream from Panguitch Reservoir, Panguitch Creek is also designated as a Blue Ribbon Stream. Several miles of easy access make this a top destination in Southern Utah. Browns and rainbows  are abundent in this stream.

.​The Beaver River is one of our favorite places to fish, beautiful scenery is around every corner and the fish populate the entire river, every pullout along Hwy.153 is an excellent place to fish. Browns,rainbows and the occasional cutthroat inhabit this river.


​The Fremont flows out of Johnson Reservoir as a tailwater stream and continues down to Mill Meadow Reservoir, we fish this upper section for browns. After leaving Mill Meadow we fish it intermitently through the valley in an area called Bicknel Bottoms. Bicknel Bottoms is home to large browns and rainbows. We fish it again as it leaves the town of Torrey and enters Capitol Reef National Park.

​The Sevier river is the longest north flowing river in one single state, over 380 miles long.

It begins its journey from just above the town of Hatch Utah and winds it way through the Sevier River Valley paralling Hwy 89 for over 80 miles. The Sevier becomes a tailwater, after leaving Piute Reservoir, just north of the town of Junction. We fish the 24 mile section from Piute Reservoir to the confluence with Clear Creek. Browns , Rainbows and Cutthroats are abundent in this section and its tributaries.

We are extremely fortunate here in Southern Utah to have so many of Utah's Best fly fishing rivers and streams within a few minutes drive. Our home waters are the Sevier River, East Fork of the Sevier, the Beaver River and the Fremont River along with their tributaries. Below you will find a list of the waters we fish most often along with a brief description please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.


Mammoth and Asay Creeks


​The East Fork of the Sevier has seen many changes since the early 90's. The Utah DWR has purchased several miles of stream and has expended several million dollars and other resources for stream restoration, on over fifteen miles of newly classified Blue Ribbon Streams. What all of this boils down to is over nine miles of pulbic access in the Kingston Canyon section of the East Fork and over six miles of public access in the Black Canyon Section of the East Fork. Special regulations do apply, so check the proclamation before fishing.

Every season the largest fish of the year are landed in the East Fork. Browns, rainbows, cutthroats and even brooks in the upper sections.

Beaver River

East Fork of the Sevier River

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Mammoth and Asay are the headwater streams of the Sevier River. Asay Creek is designated as a Blue Ribbon Stream, and Mammoth should be as well. Both streams have large fish populations and are easily accessed. There is over seven miles of public access on Mammoth Creek  and several miles of access on Asay as well. Both streams are home to brown trout, with some rainbows in Asay, along with mountain white fish.

Antimony Creek is ranked as one of the top ten streams in Utah. The stream begins on the western side of the Aquarius Platuea and runs cold and clear to its confluence with the East Fork of the Sevier just west of  Hwy.22 in the town of Antimony, This little stream is full of wild rainbows and browns and don't let the size of the stream fool you it is home to some trophy trout

Headwater and Tailwater Small streams

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Fremont River

​Sevier River

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